Yaesu FT-101 Repair
-Nothing but Yaesu FT-101 radios serviced here-

NOTICE: Due to the overwhelming positive demands for repair and alignment services, I will be expanding and renovating the shop to better accommodate the services that you need. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but I now have radios arriving from Australia, India, and all across the USA. I will never rush a repair nor alignment service. This note will be removed upon completion of the renovation and I will resume taking Repair Authorization orders. Till then, please stay tuned. 73, Al - NW2M

Welcome- Thank you for visiting the Yaesu FT-101 Repair and Alignment website. This is your one-stop shopping for all of your FT-101 repair and alignment needs. I have been operating, repairing, and restoring FT-101s for 30+ years. It was my first HF radio and my entire FT-101 station (above) is fully operational- even today! I am here to help. Let's get started-

Introduction- My name is Al Rabassa. I am an Extra Class amateur radio operator with the FCC call sign NW2M. You may already know me or have visited my FT-101 website that I started back in 1998. My electronic and computer backgrounds span 48 years with the past 32 years a "ham" and an avid FT-101 collector. I have been blessed with advanced academic degrees from: MIT, Johns Hopkins University, and Monmouth University. Diagnostics and logical thinking are my specialty.

Purpose- The purpose of this website is to bring you up to speed on my FT-101 service shop and to see if I can assist you with the services that your radio may need. I own a complete FT-101 station with every station accessory offered- so I know what you have and how it's supposed to operate. I have all of the original Yaesu factory extender cards, calibrated test equipment*, service manuals, and parts rigs to test and tune all of the original FT-101s. If you are not familiar with the FT-101 series radios, please visit my FT-101 website to learn all about it. There is so much to learn and to understand as you finalize your decision.

Al Rabassa - NW2M - Owner
"Not only am I the owner of FT-101 Repair, but I am also a client-"

* ACUCAL Calibration Services®, Manassas VA