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Welcome- Thank you for visiting the Yaesu FT-101 Repair and Alignment website. This is your one-stop shopping for all of your FT-101 repair and alignment needs. I have been operating, repairing, and restoring FT-101s for 30+ years. It was my first HF radio and my entire FT-101 station (above) is fully operational- even today! I am here to help. Let's get started-

Introduction- My name is Al Rabassa. I am an Extra Class amateur radio operator with the FCC call sign NW2M. You may already know me or have visited my FT-101 website that I started 20 years ago. My electronic and computer backgrounds span 48 years with the past 33 years a "ham" and an avid FT-101 collector. I have been blessed with advanced academic degrees from: MIT, Johns Hopkins University, and Monmouth University. Diagnostics and logical thinking are my specialty.

Purpose- The purpose of this website is to bring you up to speed on my FT-101 service shop and to see if I can assist you with the services that your radio may need. I own a complete FT-101 station with every station accessory offered- so I know what you have and how it's supposed to operate. I have all of the original Yaesu factory extender cards, calibrated test equipment*, service manuals, and parts rigs to test and tune all of the original FT-101s. If you are not familiar with the FT-101 series radios, please visit my FT-101 website to learn all about it. There is so much to learn and to understand as you finalize your decision.

Why- Each radio was built by hand. There is craftsmanship. There is workmanship. There is pride. Someone actually built my radio. Nothing like this existed before, and nothing like it since. It was a very special time for FT-101 owners worldwide. It was my first connection to ham radio and with my Elmer. While he is no long here <sk>, those memories are still vivid. My first CW contact, first SSB, WAC, early DXCC, and even my early satellite contacts were all done with my FT-101.

So, I am not just restoring radios- I am restoring memories.

Al Rabassa - NW2M - Owner
"Not only am I the owner of FT-101 Repair, but I am also a client-"

* ACUCAL Calibration Services®, Manassas VA